Death Benefits in North Carolina Workers Comp Cases

Posted on Monday, August 17th, 2015 at 10:00 am    

Workers’ compensation death cases are generally subject to less negotiation than non-death cases, i.e. regular work injuries. This is mainly because the workers’ compensation statutes for North Carolina dictate how much money is available. Unlike non-death cases, there is no need to figure medical bills because there simply aren’t any future bills by reason of the workers’ death.

There are two areas that are often disputed. The first is whether the cause of the employee’s death was related to the work injury or to an occupational illness. Related injuries are compensable. Unrelated injures are not compensable. In some cases, it can be hard to tell – in short, because the work injury and non-work injury causes may both have contributed to the workers’ death.

The second area of contention is who is entitled to benefits. The North Carolina Statutes have precise definitions of who qualifies as a dependent. If there are no dependents or next of kin, then there are no benefits to pay out.

Joe Miller Knows What Happens When Injured Workers Die

The relatives of workers who are injured at work who die may be entitled to the employees benefits or to their own death benefits. North Carolina personal injury lawyer knows who benefits, in what amounts and how – when a worker dies. He has been helping injured workers for over 25 years. If a loved one died and his disability was work related, then you and other family members may be entitled to lengthy benefits. Call Attorney Joe Miller at 888-694-1671 to get answers to your questions or contact him through his online Internet form.