The Common Causes of Wrongful Death

There are many reasons why someone might die through no fault of their own. Here are some of the categories. If you know someone who died or is near death because of the conduct of another please consult a skilled wrongful death lawyer to pursue your claim.

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Any vehicle can cause an accident where the driver, a passenger or a pedestrian is killed. This is true for cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, vans, airplanes, boats, all-terrain vehicles and jeeps. Each type of vehicle has its own set of licensing and operating rules. Each type of vehicle has different ways in which death can occur. For example, Motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles offer little protection.

Defective Products – Buyers of consumer products have a right to know that the products they purchase are safe. Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of these products are in the best position to design and inspect consumer products for safety. If a product catches fire or doesn’t brake properly (cars are products) then the business(es) and/or manufacturers that sold the product can be held accountable.

Defective Drugs – Drug manufacturers, like consumer manufacturers, are in the best position to determine the safety of medications. If a drug manufacturer, pharmacy or physician makes or prescribes a drug or drug combination knowing or reasonably knowing it will cause harm and they fail to notify the patient about the possible harm – they can be held legally accountable.

Chemical accidents (toxic torts) – chemicals or minerals such as asbestos can damage lungs, cause cancer and create other medical conditions that cause death. Symptoms may not appear until it’s too late to treat them. Companies that create and manage these chemicals or utilize these harmful minerals in their products can be held liable. Even if it has been many years since your exposure, if you can pinpoint where you worked, many law firms have vast databases at their disposal which can identify the precise manufacturer that needs to be held accountable.

Medical malpractice – doctors and hospitals work hard to help patients. Occasionally, they make severe mistakes. There may be grounds for a lawsuit if there is an improper diagnosis or treatment which resulted in a significant injury or death.

Grossly negligent wrongs and statutory violationsDrunk driving and building code violations can cause death. For instance, there have been several cases of parking decks built with insufficient reinforcement in the walls, causing vehicles and their drivers and passengers to be hurtled to their deaths several stories below.

Other death causing accidents – fatal industrial accidents and fatal accidents at work are unfortunately quite commonplace. As was seen not long ago in Texas, alleged improper storage of chemicals can result in massive death and destruction over a wide area. There are also train derailments, which can often result in the release of toxic chemicals such as chlorine gas, which can cause death upon inhalation.

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