How to choose a North Carolina and Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt or someone you know has been hurt in a North Carolina or Virginia accident, you need a good lawyer. There are certain factors you should consider before selecting your personal injury or work injury lawyer. Here are some of the key ones:

Experience: Find out from the lawyer’s website, the lawyer directly, or from people who know the lawyer how many cases the lawyer has tried and what verdicts and settlements he has obtained.

Trial experience: The best and largest results are generally obtained before a jury and not a judge and not through settlements. Find out how many jury trials the lawyer has had and what results he or she has obtained.

Find out the lawyer’s professional connections: Every lawyer has a team of experts he works with. A personal injury attorney will work with investigators to find out the facts, with doctors to understand the medical issues and with economic experts to value the amount of money the claimant lost (especially in wrongful death cases).

Is the lawyer a skillful negotiator? Ask about the lawyer’s experience in working with insurance adjusters and defense lawyers. Does the lawyer make clear that he’s ready to go to trial when negotiating with either the adjuster or opposing lawyer?

Testimonials: Do former clients recommend the lawyer? Check the lawyer’s website for testimonials.

Practice Areas: See what other areas the lawyer works in. Does he just do personal injury or does he work in other areas of law – family law, trusts, or other areas? A personal injury lawyer who just does personal injury will likely be the better personal injury lawyer because he’s likely to be more current with the law and to be more confident in trying cases. Never hire a lawyer who just “dabbles” in personal injury or workers comp. These fields are too specialized to “dabble” in.

Blogs, articles and publications: Does the law firm educate potential clients and the public by providing information such as downloadable books about personal injury cases or other kinds of injury cases such as injuries on the job?

Contingency Fee: Does the lawyer take cases on a percentage – meaning that they win only if you win?  Lawyer’s with a direct interest in your case are likely to try harder than lawyers who charge by the hour.


Anyone who has been in an accident because of someone’s carelessness or because of a worker’s compensation case, and who has received injuries, needs to have legal help. Contact Virginia and North Carolina Injury Lawyer Joe Miller online or call toll free at 888-694-1671 for more information on how to proceed, and whether you might have significant recovery coming your way.