Keys to Getting Medical Treatment for Your Injuries

Whether you’re in a car accident or have a worker’s compensation claim, you will need to work with your doctors to recover and to document your injuries. Here are some keys in choosing and working with your doctor:


  • Examine your doctor’s credentials: Check their Medical school, where they interned, what hospitals they’re associated with and are they board certified.
  • Do they work alone or with other doctors? If they work alone, who covers for them when they’re unavailable?
  • Are they a general doctor/family physician or a specialist?
  • Does anyone you know have any experience with the doctor? Does the doctor have any testimonials?
  • Does the doctor do research?


Doctors normally take an oral history before they physically examine you.

  • Tell the doctor all your aches and pains.
  • Have a preset list of questions so you don’t forget to ask anything. Put your questions in writing and bring the written list with you.
  • Ask about the diagnosis (what’s wrong), the prognosis (what’s likely to happen; will you get better?) and treatment (what can you do to get better?). Get written instructions for any treatment.
  • Know that you’re the client – the doctor is there to help you.
  • Consider having a family member of friend be with you during the examination.


  • See your doctor as early as you can. Get treatment the first day you have pain, not the second.
  • Delay can directly your ability to recover.
  • Delay can be seen as a sign (to insurance companies and opposing lawyers) that you’re not really hurt.


Anyone who has been in an accident because of someone’s carelessness or because of a worker’s compensation case, and who has received injuries, needs to have legal help. Contact Virginia and North Carolina Injury Lawyer Joe Miller online or 888-694-1671 for more information on how to proceed, how to work with your doctors, and whether you might have a significant recovery of money coming your way.