Nursing Home Abuse in NC and VA – Bed Sores

There are many nursing home facilities in North Carolina and Virginia. They are designed and regulated to provide safe and proper care to residents. Most facilities do a good job but neglect and abuse do occur. One of the more common types of problems in nursing homes are bedsores – sores and infections which occur because patients may need to be confined to their bed for a long period of time. Bedsores are also called pressure ulcers or pressure sores. Nursing homes should prepare for them. Failure to do so can be negligence or abuse.

Problems with Bedsores

  • Bedsores happen because of the sedentary lifestyle of older residents. Many sleep or sit for a long time without moving. Bedsores can also occur when patients sit in a regular chair or a wheelchair. The main physical cause is a lack of circulation of the blood.
  • Bedsores most often affect the part of the body where the bone connects with the skin – such as ankles, elbows, hips, shoulders, heels, and back.
  • The risks are infections and possibly death. Bone damage and joint damage can also happen. There may even be tissue loss and diseases like cellulitis, sepsis, and cancer.


Bedsores can be managed. Nursing homes should work to prevent bedsores by making sure to do the following:

  • Move the patient – the body position of the patient should be changed regularly
  • Properly position patients – patients should rest on the soft parts of their body – not the bones
  • Give patients a proper mattress
  • Check patients’ skin for redness, softness, and infection
  • Provide patients with a proper diet
  • Provide physical therapy when necessary

NC and VA Nursing Home Bedsore attorney

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