Questions You Should Ask a Potential Attorney

Though there are many aspects that contribute to winning a personal injury case, one of the most important is finding the right attorney. In order to choose an attorney who is the right fit for you and your case, it is important to ask the right questions in an initial interview with the lawyer. While we at Joe Miller Law, Ltd., know that many people in Norfolk may be tempted to start by asking questions specific to their claim and situation, it is usually best to start with some more basic questions about the attorney and their practice in general.

Basic Questions to Ask When Searching for a Lawyer

In an initial interview, it can be a good idea to stick with broad questions, like the following:

  • How much do you charge? Do your fees ever change?
  • Have you won cases like mine? How many?
  • Will I be able to easily reach you during the case? How?
  • What exactly will you expect me to do during the case?
  • Do you help with enforcement, even after the case has finished?

These questions, though broad, can give you a good idea of an attorney’s operations before, during, and after a case. Once you have asked these questions and received answers that are satisfactory to you, then it may be the time to ask questions more specific to your situation.

Talk with a Personal Injury Attorney in Norfolk

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