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18-Wheeler Truck Accident in Claremont, Catawba County, North Carolina

The Hickory Record reported on August 27, 2013, that an 18-wheeler truck accident occurred on US Route 70 west of Claremont, North Carolina early in the morning – around 8 am. . According to WSOC-TV Channel 9, the accident blocked traffic for several hours. The driver of the 18-wheeler claimed that the accident was the fault of another driver who crossed the center line. The truck-driver, who was able to get out of the truck by himself, said that despite blowing his horn the other driver, an older woman, failed to stop. The truck was carrying over 1,000 pounds of yarn. Clearing the yarn from the road, according to the local highway patrol, took a long time.

While the accident, in this case, was the fault of another, it does indicate one of the problems with truck accidents. Most trucks carry some sort of load. When an accident happens, the load is likely to spill on the road. Luckily, in this case, the yarn didn’t cause other vehicles to collide with the truck or the yarn. If sand, cement, or other dry goods had spilled there would have been a greater danger of serious complications. If a liquid or gas had spilled, fatalities could have easily occurred.

Claremont is located in Catawaba County, North Carolina. The main highway in Catawba County is Interstate I6. Other main highways in Catawba County include I-40, US Highways 70 and 321. The main North Carolina highways include Highways 16, 127, 10, 18 and 150.

About 20 freight trains run through Catawba County daily because a freight railroad freight transportation center is located there. Catawba County has a large manufacturing base which means there’s a need for freight trains. Where there are freight trains and manufacturing, there are also likely to be a large number of trucks.

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