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41 Truck and Car Pile-Up in Lexington, Virginia

According to Weather Underground (an August 13, 2013 report), rain helped contribute to a major 41-car and truck pile-up in Lexington, Virginia. The accident happened on Interstate 81. The pile-up began when two cars collided. After the cars came to rest (one on a meridian) several lanes were blocked. According to local Virginia police, the blocked lanes were in the same direction.

As cars were trying to maneuver their way around the initial two cars, a torrential downpour started severely limiting visibility. Witnesses said the rain was “blinding.” Ten people were injured in the accident. Fortunately, none appeared to be seriously hurt. According to the state police several tractor-trailers still needed to be cleared. For several hours, the lanes going south were closed with backups for miles. 6 tractor-trailers were tangled in the pile-up. To the credit of some of the truck drivers, some truck drivers veered away from traffic to avoid causing a truck accident, sacrificing their loads and saving lives. As one witness noted, 80,000 pound vehicles and 2,000 pound cars are not a good match.

Interstate 81 goes from Bristol to Winchester. The interstate goes through or near the Appalachian Mountains. It goes from the southwest to the northwestern part of Virginia. It is known as a major trucking route for freight haulers up and down the east coast, and I-81 is often crowded with these 18-wheelers. Washington and Lee University and Virginia Military Institute are located in Lexington, Virginia. Lexington is near Rockbridge County and about 50 miles to the north of Roanoke, Virginia.

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