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Average Weekly Wage – North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Benefits

North Carolina defines a worker’s average weekly wages as follows:

  1. For an employee who worked at least 52 weeks before the injury – add up the total earnings of the employee for the 52 weeks prior to the injury and divide that sum by 52. This formula holds true for US government veteran trainees and includes their subsistence allowance provided the allowance is reported by the trainee (monthly) to the trainee’s employer.
  2. For an employee who worked at least 52 weeks before the injury but not more than 7 consecutive days at least once – then an adjustment is made to make sure the employee isn’t penalized for the lost time.
  3. For an employee who worked fewer than 52 weeks before the injury, then add up the total earnings for the prior year and divide by the number of weeks actually worked – provided the end result is fair to both employer and employee
  4. For newer employees (where using the employee’s figures wouldn’t be fair) then look to the average weekly wage of someone in the same type of employment in the same geographical area.

Additional adjustments may be made for minors, firefighters, and others.

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