Bad Weather Makes for More Accidents

As the weather turns colder and winter approaches, it’s time to think about the dangers that the colder elements can bring. Even in North Carolina and Virginia, the weather can cause roads to freeze, snow and hail to fall, and the wind to roar. Research shows that about a fourth of all accidents happen because of bad weather conditions. Many of these accidents happen because the roadway is wet. Because the South gets more yearly rain than many other parts of the country, many bad weather accidents happen in the South including North Carolina and Virginia.

Some of greatest dangers resulting from bad weather include:

  • Slicker roads – Wet roads (caused by snow or rain) make it much tougher for a driver to stop. Many drivers forget that they should consider pumping the brakes. It’s no surprise that there are so many rear-end collisions in wet weather – it’s because the driver in the rear failed to leave enough stopping room. Worse, wet weather can make it tough to stop in a straight line. Hit the brakes too hard and the car or truck can swerve and cross into another lane or oncoming traffic.
  • Reduced visibility – Rain and snow can make it tougher to see what’s in front of you. For starters, you have to turn your wipers on which makes it tougher to concentrate. Snow and rain are often accompanied by dark clouds. The constant falling moisture reduces visibility. Add in the water splash from other cars and the occasional fog and it just becomes hard to see. Snow and rain may hide potholes and ice. Headlights can only increase visibility so much. The tougher it is to see, the more accidents will occur.
  • Winter – Many drivers just don’t prepare for winter until it’s too late. The engine may require anti-freeze to keep it properly running. If your heater doesn’t work, it’s tougher to concentrate. If you get stuck in the snow, not having the proper equipment can mean you can’t get your car off the road – causing dangers to others.
  • Wind – wind can make it tough to keep your car in its lane and can cause snow to come into your driving path.

Joe Miller Law, Ltd. Helps Accident Victims

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