Causes of Accidents in North Carolina at Intersections

For 2012, the data from the North Carolina Department of Transportation shows there were many reasons why accidents happened where control signals were involved. Where there was a control signal involved, the control was working 66,065 times and wasn’t working correctly 5,733 times.

North Carolina accidents that were control-related and at an intersection included the following controls:

  • There was a stop and go signal present: 34,415 times
  • No control present: 32,116 times
  • Stop sign present: 20,247 times
  • Double Yellow Line, No Passing Zone: 8, 857 times
  • Yield sign present: 1,406 times
  • Flashing stop and go signal: 617 times
  • Flashing signal with stop sign: 602 times
  • Flashing signal without a stop sign: 303 times
  • Human Control: 157 times
  • Warning Sign: 123 times
  • School Zone Sign: 72 times

Railroad crossings made up most of the rest, while failure to have a stop sign at an intersection caused the most deaths.

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