Common Deadly Pilot Errors

Pilots are required to have hundreds of hours in training and flight experience before they are permitted to take on passenger flights. Unfortunately, even this extensive preparation does not guard against negligence or a pilot making an error. Sadly, many families find themselves mourning the loss of loved ones in plane accidents because of a pilots’ errors. The attorneys of Joe Miller Law, Ltd. believe that no Norfolk resident should suffer alone in this situation, especially when someone else was the cause of your lost loved one’s death.

What is a Pilot Error?

Understanding what a pilot error is can help families identify whether or not they likely have a legal claim to compensation. A wrongful death or personal injury claim may be possible if a plane accident occurs due to a pilot engaging in any of the following behaviors:

  • Falling asleep while in flight
  • Not adjusting to adverse weather conditions
  • Making errors in navigation
  • Not de-icing the plane properly in cold conditions
  • Disregarding proper safety protocol in an emergency
  • Not reading instruments or gauges correctly
  • Making a mistake regarding fuel levels

These errors can all too quickly lead to a plane accident that could cause serious harm and even fatalities.

Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney in Norfolk

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