Common Types of Workplace Accidents

Many workers become injured because of common incidents. A few examples are given below. Whatever the reason for your injuries, if you were hurt on the job – you should see a workers’ compensation attorney.

  • Slips and falls: This type of injury can occur because the floors are wet, there are tears in the carpets, there’s inadequate lighting, supplies and debris aren’t properly cleaned, falls from ladders, and a host of other reasons. Slip and fall injuries can run from sprains and bruises to broken bones and disc damage.
  • Repetitive stress or manual stress injuries: Many employees get hurt when they try to push, pull, carry, or lift something that is too heavy. Some get carpal tunnel syndrome because of repetitive stress. Your employer should provide with you the equipment (such as braces and proper computer keyboards) to do your job. Regardless of fault, if you are hurt because of a type of repetitive stress injury that arises out of a unique risk in your job– such as the extreme forces exerted on the body by a jackhammer—you may have the right to bring a workers’ compensation claim for those injuries. On the other hand, if your injury occurs because of the same kind of repetitive stress that many people outside of your job are exposed to, such as repetitive lifting, bending, or walking, you will likely not be able to bring a claim for that.
  • Vehicle accidents: whether you operate a forklift, a car, a truck or any motorized vehicle – there’s a likelihood that the vehicle may be part of an accident leaving you injured and seriously hurt.

Other common types of workplace accidents include electrical shock, fires, chemical exposure, lifting a heavy object or patient, falling items, and more.

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