Death Benefits in Workers’ Compensation Cases in Virginia

It’s terrible when an accident causes someone not to be able to work. It’s tragic when an employee is killed in a workplace accident. Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation laws protect the family of the victims of workplace accidents in the following way:

  • The family (normally spouse and children) is entitled to bring a Workers’ Compensation claim
  • The claim allows the family to recover up to 500 weeks of compensation at 2/3rds of the employee’s average weekly wage
  • The claim includes a funeral allowance up to about $10,000 and some travel expenses
  • The claim also covers medical expenses related to the treatment of the deceased prior to his or her death

You need to show that the accident happened at work or that it was work-related. Some accidents happen away from the main office, which is OK as long as the employee was working for the employer.

Attorney Joe Miller Brings Worker’s Compensation Cases in Virginia and North Carolina

Attorney Joe Miller has been helping employees and their families recover their full workers’ compensation benefits for over 25 years and has represented thousands of accident victims in that time. If someone you love was hurt or killed in a work-related accident, you shouldn’t have to prove the fault of the employer. As long as you can show there was a work-related accident and that you or your loved one is/was an employee, you should be able to pursue your benefits. For the experienced help you need in securing these benefits, contact Norfolk attorney Joe Miller at Joe Miller Law, Ltd., today by calling (888) 694-1671.