Dog Bites

Dogs are frequently referred to as “man’s best friend”, but unfortunately, sometimes dogs do attack causing severe injuries, even death. When dogs bite or attack, the owner of the dog may be liable.

Sadly, children make up the largest percentage of dog bite victims, as many children do not understand the risks that dogs can pose nor do they know how to properly behave around these animals. Some of the most common injuries resulting from dog bites and attacks include:

  • Nerve damage
  • Disfigurement / scarring
  • Torn flesh
  • Eye damage
  • Damage to hands
  • Infections

In order to establish liability, some states require a showing that the dog owner knew the dog was dangerous or that some local law was violated, such as not properly keeping the dog fenced in. However, many states will determine that the dog owner is liable just by virtue of the bite or the attack. In some cases, the determining factor can be whether the dog was on public or private property.

If a dog owner has homeowner’s insurance, then the insurance company may be responsible for paying for medical bills and compensating for pain and suffering (where allowed). Otherwise, the dog owner may be directly responsible.

Following a dog bite or attack, it’s best to consult with a dog bite attorney to determine whether you have a dog bite claim, how you can prove the claim, and who is responsible for paying the claim.

North Carolina and Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

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