Dump Truck Rollover Accident Injures Driver in Marion, Virginia

TriCities.com reported on June 26, 2014, that a dump truck rolled over when it tried to navigate a sharp turn on Chatham Hill Road (also known as Old Lake Road) in Marion, Virginia. The driver was injured but the injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Vehicles can roll over for one of two basic reasons. The vehicle can come into contact with another object such as another vehicle, a barricade, a curb, or some other object. The vehicle can also turn over without any external contact. Non-contact rollovers often happen because several physical forces combine to make the vehicle unstable. A perfect example, and one that may have applied in this type of case, is where the vehicle navigates a turn too quickly. Centrifugal force, centripetal force, and gravity all act on the vehicle. The sharper the turn and the greater the speed of the vehicle, the more likely it is to roll over.

Some vehicles are also more prone to a rollover than others. Key physical factors include the center of mass of the vehicle, the narrowness of the axles, and how good the steering is. Light trucks are more likely to rollover than passenger cars. Bigger trucks are more likely to rollover than smaller trucks.

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