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Exercising Increased Caution around Black Ice

The Mt. Airy News reported in mid-February that black ice caused an accident on Route 52 in North Carolina around 6:30 am. The accident started when the driver of a Ford Ranger truck lost control of her truck when she hit a patch of black ice. She was driving lower than the posted speed limit when the accident happened. Her truck flipped onto a guardrail, rode the guardrail for a short distance, and then flipped back onto its well. Luckily, she wasn’t killed. Shortly thereafter, another vehicle hit the same black ice patch and slid into an abandoned truck. The driver of the vehicle wasn’t hurt but the passenger in the vehicle was hurt – though not seriously. Another vehicle hit the vehicle of a Good Samaritan who was helping the original victims. A volunteer fire truck collided with an SUV driven by a first responder. Other rescue vehicles helped clear the lanes and salt the highways.

Safety Issues

John Shelton, the Surry County Emergency Services Director for Surry County, North Carolina offered cold weather advice to North Carolina drivers. This advice is especially important for North Carolinians who may not be used to driving in the snow. Shelton noted that when snow is melting and the temperatures are dropping (as they usually do in the evening), the water from the snow is going to freeze. This is even truer for bridges and overpasses that don’t have the warmth of the ground to help avoid freezing and in shady or dark areas. He advised drivers to keep safer stopping distances and go slower because it’s hard to know where the black ice is.

The trooper for the NC Highway Patrol added that drivers should slow down rather than try to stop quickly by hitting the brakes and that they shouldn’t make quick turns.

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