Eye and Face Protection when Operating a Motorcycle

When riding a motorcycle, goggles can protect your eyes but they don’t protect your full face. Still, they’re better than just relying on eyeglasses or sunglasses or windshields.

Faceshields should be shatter-resistant. Faceshields can protect against pebbles, dust, wind, dirt, insects, and anything other vehicles might throw in your face. Any distraction to deal with these flying objects can distract the motorcycle operator and cause an accident.

To be safe and effective, both goggles and faceshields should:

  • Resist penetration
  • Be scratch-free
  • Allow for the wearer to see to the side
  • Be fastened tightly so they don’t blow away
  • Allow air to get through so they don’t cause fogging
  • Be roomy enough to allow for eyeglasses or sunglasses

Unfortunately, even though  many motorcycle riders do all they can to stay safe when on the road, the negligence of another driver or other party could cause a motorcyclist to suffer devastating injuries in a motorcycle accident.

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