Failure to Yield Accidents in NC and VA

A failure to yield is a motor vehicle violation in both Virginia and in North Carolina. A failure to yield occurs when two drivers (including cars and motorcycles) or a driver and a non-driver (a pedestrian and a bicyclist) arrive at the same lane at the same time.

  • Stop signs – The most classic right of way situation arises at an intersection that just has a stop-sign (no traffic light). The car that has the stop sign must stop completely and wait for traffic in the other lanes to proceed.
  • Three way intersections – intersections (called T intersections) where one road travels both ways and one just ends at the intersection. Vehicle on the road that travels both ways have the right of way
  • Intersections with multiple stop signs (three or four) – The general rule is that the first to get to the intersection goes first. In case of a tie, the car on the right gets to go first and the other car must yield.
  • Vehicles making left turns – drivers of these cars or motorcycles must yield to others.
  • Right turn on red – drivers of these cars must yield to cars that have the green light and to non-drivers.
  • Driveways – cars leaving their driveway must yield to everyone.
  • Crosswalks – drivers entering crosswalks should look for pedestrians

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