FedEx Truck Owner and Bus Owner both Sued for Faulty Products

ABC News reported on April 23, 2014 that Federal Express was being sued because its vehicles have a history of catching on fire. An accident on April 20, killed 10 people (5 minors, 3 adult supervisors, and the 2 drivers) when a bus collided with a FedEx Truck. The collision resulted in a fire which made it hard for the bus passengers to escape. The estate of the FedEx driver and the owner of the bus are also being sued. The claim against the bus owner is that the bus did not have proper ways for the occupants to escape.

The estate of the deceased victims will likely have a wrongful death claim against the estate of the driver of the FedEx truck. The victims who were injured but didn’t die will also likely have a personal injury claim against the driver of the FedEx truck. The basis for the wrongful death claim and personal injury claims is that the driver was negligent – that the driver caused the accident.

Additional reasons for liability could include the fact that, in this case, the plaintiffs are also arguing (as any good personal injury lawyer would) that faulty design was a factor in the accident. Faulty design is more properly known as product liability. The claim is that the FedEx truck and the bus were both improperly designed. Experts will normally be brought in to examine the ways these vehicles could have been designed better. Product liability lawsuits are very complicated, and bringing this kind of lawsuit requires a very knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

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