Five Charged in Insurance Fraud Case in North Carolina

The Insurance Journal reported in November, 2014 that five people were arrested for insurance fraud for staging a truck accident in Cumberland County, North Carolina. The five people were charged with intentionally creating an accident in May between the vehicle of one of the suspects and a U-Haul truck. The suspects were charged with conspiring to defraud three insurance companies out of $10,000 dollars. The five were charged with a variety of felonies and misdemeanors.

Insurance fraud hurts everyone. Because insurance companies have to pay to investigate fraud, the insurance premiums of truck, car and other drivers go up. Because there are cases of fraud, insurance adjustors need to invest time and money to make extra-sure that claims have merit. This makes it harder for worthy claimants to get payment as soon as they should. Experienced personal injury lawyers make sure that legitimate claims where someone is truly injured through the fault of another are properly paid and paid in a timely manner.

Joe Miller helps personal injury victims

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