Hernia and Workers’ Compensation

Hernia cases are treated uniquely by North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law. To recover compensation for a hernia, the employee has to show that there was an injury, that the injury resulted in a hernia or rupture and that the hernia/rupture appeared suddenly. The hernia or rupture can’t have existed prior to the accident which is the basis of the compensation claim.

Hernia or rupture (inguinal, femoral, or otherwise) that is shown to be the result of a workplace accident will be treated by operation. If death results from the operation, then the death will be considered as having been caused by the injury and compensation will be paid in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation death law. If the injury is not fatal but results in a disability, then the employee will be compensated as having a disability.

If the injured employee refuses to go through the radical operation, then compensation will not be allowed unless the employee can show that he/she had a chronic disease or some physical condition that made the operation unwise.

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