How Truck Turns Can Cause Accidents

Trucks that are turning make their turns in a much different fashion than do smaller vehicles. The bigger the truck, the more difficult it is to make a turn. Truck drivers need to consider different angles and start their turns differently than car drivers. Before making a right turn, a truck driver needs to swing widely to the left. Before making a left turn, a truck driver needs to swing widely to the right. Especially among inexperienced drivers, it can be tough to figure out exactly when the turn should start and at what angle.

What adds to the likelihood of a truck accident when a truck turns is that it can be hard to see. Rear-view and side-view mirrors can be of limited help. When a truck makes a turn it will need to use a second traffic lane. Many times, vehicles in the opposing lanes will have to back up to provide a truck room to get through.

Passenger cars that are too close to a turning vehicle or in the truck driver’s blind spot may have their car crunched when the driver turns. The driver may not even know he/she crunched your car until your car is immobile and the truck driver has continued on its way.

Many drivers now have warning signs on their trucks. You may have seen them. “Caution: This truck makes wide turns.” Other warnings may include “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.”

When a wide-turn accident happens, it can be hard to figure out who is really at fault – the passenger car for being too close, the truck driver for not making a careful turn, or the owner of the truck for not having a proper warning on the vehicle. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer like Joe Miller can help investigate the cause of the accident and help you decide if you have a case against the truck driver or truck owner.

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