According to the Daily Press, police in Virginia Beach arrested a man who used an unusual getaway vehicle in an attempt to evade the police. Michael Shannon Bowyer stole a motor vehicle and then got into an accident with that vehicle, which he abandoned. The police in the area, who did not know of the stolen car and accident incident picked him up and took him to a second location. At this new location, he stole another vehicle and then, being followed by the police at this point, decided that he would take the chase out and into the sea by subsequently stealing a boat in his ill-advised getaway attempt. Shortly thereafter, he abandoned the boat by hopping out into the bay!

Two fishermen eventually pulled him out of the water soon after and contacted police. At the time the Daily Press reported the incident, no reason for the vehicle thefts were given. While there were no injuries reported with this event, it does go to show that one never knows what might happen when it comes to accidents. It is always a good idea to have the right help on your side. If you’ve been the victim in an accident, visit for help.