Motorcycle Education Courses in Virginia

Operating and being a passenger on a motorcycle are much different than operating or riding in a car. Because the motorcycle offers little physical protection (there’s no hood or trunk), riders are much more exposed. When an accident occurs and the occupants hit the ground hard, the resulting motorcycle injuries are often serious or even deadly – especially if a collision with a passenger car or truck occurs.

Virginia encourages motorcycle operators and passengers to take an approved motorcycle rider training course. Passage of the course may help license applicants pass their skills test. The courses help prepare riders for problems on the road. Courses are offered throughout Virginia, so there should be a course near you.

The instructors are required to be properly certified. Courses are offered for different levels of expertise including novice riders and experienced riders. Courses focus on the equipment that may be required or needed, such as buying a good motorcycle, protective headgear, and eye gear. They also focus on the rules of the road and practical tips for driving solo, in groups, and with passengers. Courses may have written tests and riding test.

Contact a Norfolk Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Help

Unfortunately, even if you have completed a motorcycle education course, you may still be injured in an accident caused by another motorist. Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are often devastating, but fortunately, an experienced attorney may be able to help you secure compensation for your resulting losses. Learn more by calling Norfolk motorcycle accident lawyer Joe Miller at Joe Miller Law, Ltd., by calling (888) 694-1671.