Motorcycle Helmet Use Saves Lives according to the NHTSA

According to a recent Business Wire report, GEICO (a large insurance company) concluded that helmets are a motorcycle rider’s best friend. Their conclusion is based on a study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that found that riders who wear a helmet have a 29 percent better chance of surviving an accident than riders who don’t wear a helmet. The District of Columbia and 19 other US states require that all riders have a helmet. 28 states allow adults to ride without a safety helmet but do require that minors wear a helmet. Three states don’t have any safety helmet requirement.

North Carolina requires that all riders wear a safety helmet that complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Virginia also requires that protective helmets be worn. Virginia does have an exception for certain types of parades. Riders who cross state lines need to know the laws for the state where the motorcycle is being operated because the law changes from state to state.

The NHTSA found that for 2013, 60 percent of riders wore a helmet. More riders wore helmets in states that have a full safety helmet law (adults and minors must wear them) than in partial or no requirement states.

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