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Why Don’t Workers Have the Same Rights?

North Carolina workers are not second-class citizens. They are first class people who are dedicated and professional, who bring home the bacon and make sure services and products reach the market.

Workplace accidents happen all the time because of a strenuous effort or bad luck, inflicting at times recurring pain or serious injuries. When this happens, the highly productive and faithful worker is sometimes discarded by the system and given a harsh treatment that can ruin his life. Why is that? Why can’t injured workers be treated like the rest of us? In other words:

  • Why can’t a worker choose his treating doctor, care center or treatment like non-working people?
  • Why is the injured worker required to undergo tests and exams in a distant place, when so many qualified care providers are available in his or her town?
  • Why does it take a hearing procedure and many weeks to get the Industrial Commission to agree to surgery?
  • Why does compensation for Permanent Total Disability stop after 500 weeks?
  • Why is compensation short-changed or denied precisely in the case of severe injuries when it is most needed?
  • Why is back pain so often set aside as a minor injury, fraud or exaggeration?
  • Why do some doctors, who are paid by the insurance carrier, simply deny the evidence provided by a family physician or specialist?
  • Why are insurance carriers never suspected of fraud and deception?

The rules of our Workers’ Compensation system are known, but frequently bended by powerful insurance carriers. The rules are often complicated and cumbersome, making it difficult for workers and their families to defend their rights.

This is why the support of an experienced and dedicated workplace injury lawyer like Joseph Miller makes a great difference.

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