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How Do You Prevent Factory Accidents?

Hundreds of thousands of people work in North Carolina’s manufacturing plants are daily exposed to risks of occupational injuries and illnesses. Production plants are often noisy and crowded with running equipment and machinery everywhere, using at times dangerous products and chemicals in a maze of utility lines, wires and connections.

Most experts in industrial management agree that investing time, energy and money in industrial accident prevention makes economic sense. One poll among industry executives by a major insurance carrier has revealed that 61 percent of executives believe that for every dollar invested in workplace protection, three dollars are saved.

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How do you prevent work accidents on the factory floor?

In a large manufacturing unit, the risks of workplace accidents will only be reduced and controlled if a complex safeguarding program is implemented, involving many steps:

  • Make a detailed risk assessment per location and per task;
  • Identify high-risk machines and processes;
  • Create a safety team and information channels with workers on the floor;
  • Observe and analyze machines and processes over the long term;
  • Identify risk levels for each task;
  • Create the appropriate risk reduction system.

The last point is in fact the beginning of the Risk Reduction Implementation phase, a long and arduous process involving the general management, safety team, engineering, foremen and workers, as well as an administrative control of the costs and savings.

From protective gear to strictly enforced procedures, from safety rails to signaling, from process changes to training sessions, the success of a professional industrial safety program depends on the integration and evolution of all these elements.

Even though an injured worker, under North Carolina’s workers’ compensation regulations, cannot claim damages against his boss for negligence, he will be covered for loss of wages and medical expenses whether he abided by the workplace’s safety rules or not.

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