New NC Workers’ Compensation Rules

The North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) approved ten new rules on October 16, 2014. These rules govern how workers’ compensation rules will be handled in North Carolina. The rules cover these topics

  1. Discovery: Discovery is the way each side can find out what information the other side has. It encompasses depositions, interrogatories (written questions) and production of documents.
  2. Medical Motions: This covers how employees can get medical treatment if the employee and employer disagree.
  3. Review by the Full North Carolina Industrial Commission. This covers when the full NCIC will review a case and how.
  4. Review of Administrative Decisions. This covers how appeals are handled.
  5. Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Return to Work. These rule changes affect when employees should return to work and their ability to be retrained in their chosen field or a similar field.
  6. Hearing Costs or Fees: With every hearing and every filing, there is often a charge.
  7. Fees by the Commission: This covers the charges for specific matters like the NCIC cost of a settlement agreement.
  8. Worker’s Compensation Forms: This rule change alters some of the standard forms that are used.
  9. Supplemental Agreement as to Payment of Compensation. In some cases, after an agreement is entered as to worker’s compensation benefits, there’s a need to change that agreement. This rule details how that change takes place.
  10. Employer’s Admission of Employee’s Right to Permanent Partial Disability: This is another form change.

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