North Carolina NC DOT driver kills an off-duty police officer

The Rocky Mountain Telegram reported, on April 15, 2014, that a North Carolina DOT (Department of Transportation) driver caused an accident on NC 111 when he crossed the center line. The NC DOT’s vehicle, an excavator truck, collided with a van driven by an off-duty police officer who was killed in the accident. The police officer was trapped in the van. NC DOT is responsible for traffic safety in North Carolina.

The deceased police officer was the father of two children. His family will now bring a wrongful death claim against the NC DOT driver and any other responsible parties, including possibly, the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Legal issues in this type of case

  • Elements of a wrongful death claim: The police officer’s family will have the right to sue for funeral bills, loss of income, loss of society, and personal pain and suffering caused by the loss of a loved one
  • Can the Department of Transportation be sued?: Normally, the owner of the truck or the party responsible for putting the truck on the road would also be sued. When the responsible party is a state agency, there are sometimes laws and requirements that dictate when lawsuits against state agencies are allowed. A good plaintiff’s lawyer will know those laws and requirements.
  • Vans and trucks create difficult situations: The physics of accidents between larger vehicles can create deadly situations. A plaintiff’s lawyer will investigate exactly how the accident happened.

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