North Carolina Ranks 7th Worst in U.S. for Bad Drivers

According to the Jacksonville, North Carolina Daily News, North Carolina ranked 7th worst in the country for automobile accidents for 2013. The results come from a survey done by the website Car Insurance Comparison. The survey used statistics from the NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving), and the NMA (the National Motorists Association). The survey looked at the following five factors:

  • Drunk Driving Accidents and Stops
  • Number of Traffic Tickets
  • Careless Driving Statistics
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Signals and Failure to use Seat Belts
  • Number of Fatalities for each 100 Million Miles Travelled by Vehicle

North Carolina tied with Missouri for the 7th worst in the nation. It was especially high for careless driving and for tickets.

The worst ranked states (above North Carolina) were Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, and Florida. In 2011, North Carolina ranked 12th worst. The biggest change came in the category of careless driving, where North Carolina went from 19th worst to 6th worst. There were no rankings for 2012.

The Daily News article reported the views of J.D. Kirk, a trooper for the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Trooper Kirk put a lot of the blame on distracted drivers – especially people who were texting while driving. Other causes cited were speeding and failing to properly signal.

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