North Carolina Rates Poorly for Truck Inspections

According to ABC 11, North Carolina was sixth in the country for truck accidents in 2009. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if there had been proper safety reviews performed on the trucks involved. According to the ABC 11 report, over half of the trucks that were inspected in North Carolina had traffic, safety, and maintenance issues. Many trucks were immediately prevented from continuing operation until the necessary improvements and repairs were made.

Many Trucks Aren’t Inspected at All

According to the ABC study, millions of trucks travel through North Carolina each year, but only a small fraction are inspected by road officers. Many defective trucks escape detection until it’s too late – until a serious accident has happened.

The ABC study further found that the weigh stations in North Carolina are not always open and even when they are, officers are not always there to do the necessary inspections. State troopers do try to pull over the trucks with obvious defects, but not all defects are obvious. The report stated that the Highway Patrol does work with the North Carolina Trucking Association to prevent accidents but there just aren’t enough resources to catch all the bad trucks.

Truck accidents don’t always happen because the truck is faulty. Poor roads, poor weather conditions, and poorly trained or inattentive drivers (trucks drivers, car drivers, and any type of driver) can cause an accident. Still, there is no excuse for a truck owner not to routinely inspect the truck before it is placed on the road. When a truck owner fails to properly inspect the truck, the owner may be liable for punitive damages.

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