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Disability Compensation Schedule

Work accidents in North Carolina do not always end with all injuries healed and a full recovery. Hundreds of workers and employees every year sustain injuries that leave them impaired for a long time, or even for the remainder of their lives.

A finger cut off, permanent hearing loss, crippling back pain or disfigurement are all examples of what can happen after a serious workplace accident.

How does North Carolina deal with disability resulting from such injuries?

In order to understand the different cases, we need to differentiate between:
Temporary Partial or Total Disability: The worker gets compensation for loss of wages and receives medical treatment until found able to return to work;

Permanent Total Disability: After receiving medical treatment, the worker gets compensation for loss of wages during a period that has recently been capped at 500 weeks;

Permanent Partial Disability: After receiving medical treatment, if the impaired worker can find a suitable and lower paying job, he or she gets compensation for reduced wages during a maximum of 300 weeks.

Alternatively, a worker with Permanent Partial Disability may elect to receive compensation, not for lower wages, but for impairment, that will be granted according to a fixed schedule (for scheduled injuries) or on a case by case basis by the Industrial Commission (for unscheduled injuries).

Scheduled Injuries:
The N.C. Workers’ Compensation Act determines that an amount, generally calculated at two-thirds of the average weekly wage of the injured employee, will be paid for scheduled injuries during a period of time that depends on the nature and severity of the resulting impairment. For instance:

  • 75 weeks for the loss of a thumb, 45 weeks for the loss of a first finger (index);
  • 200 weeks for the loss of a hand, 144 weeks for the loss of a foot;

Further detailed provisions describe the compensation for impaired vision or hearing, while all injuries that cannot be categorized under the “schedule” are awarded by the Industrial Commission.

If you, or a loved one, has been seriously injured in a workplace accident, it is crucial for your future well-being that you do not allow the employer’s insurance carrier to make all the calculations and all the decisions. You should seek support from someone who will defend your interests.

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