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Electrical Accidents

Electric power is everywhere. North Carolina’s work productivity would drop to nothing without power, whatever the industry or activity.

Most houses have a 120 Volt electric tension that is powerful enough to cause serious injuries, and the voltage used in factories and on powerful equipment is generally 480 Volt while power distribution is done at very high tensions, up to 33,000 Volt. Transmission lines reach even higher voltages.

What it tells us is that most workers in North Carolina, especially on construction sites, manufacturing and processing plants are surrounded by equipment, wires, control and distribution cabinets that can be lethal if strict safety procedures are either not in place or not enforced. Electrocution is an important cause of fatal work accidents in North Carolina.

How do you prevent electrocution accidents at work?

  • Never touch fallen overhead power lines;
  • Never operate or service electrical equipment with wet shoes or in water. Use thick rubber boots on dry ground;
  • Do not repair or open electrical cabinets or equipment if you are not qualified.
  • If you need to service or repair an electrical installation, machine or network, follow strict Lock-Out Tag-Out procedures to de-energize prior to work, and re-energize after checking that the installation is in order and everyone has left the premises;
  • Only use very strict procedures and highly insulated gear to service installations that cannot be de-energized;
  • Ground all electrical circuits and equipment;
  • Train all employees in safe practices and signal danger zones clearly.

Electric shocks can cause terrible injuries and death, depending on the voltage, the duration or the path followed by the current. The shock can be caused by contact or by arc flash, a sudden explosion breaking down the resistance of air between the power source and a nearby person.

Serious electric shocks and flashes may cause extensive and deep burns, ventricular fibrillation (heart muscle cells moving in an uncoordinated way or contracting altogether), neurological damage or death.

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