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Older Drivers – Renewing Licenses in North Carolina and in Virginia

According to DMV. Com, an independent website, drivers in North Carolina and in Virginia who are over a certain age need to comply with their local state driving laws. The laws are similar in both states. The main difference is that North Carolina drivers 70 and older must report in person to the DMV while Virginia drivers 80 and older must report to the DMV in person – before they can get their license renewed.

Possible Tests

  • Vision test: The Virginia DMV vision standard for Virginia is that at least one eye (with corrective lenses) must be at least 20/40 and the person should have a horizontal visual field of 100 degrees or more. Otherwise, a person’s license may be restricted or he/she may have to see a vision specialist who will report on the person’s ability to see well enough to drive.
  • Medical test: The person may be asked to get clearance from a driver rehabilitation specialist or a qualified physician to confirm their physical and mental ability to drive.
  • Driver test reexamination: A family member, a medical technician, or a police officer may notify the DMV that they think a driver should be re-examined. A poor driving record may also prompt a re-examination. There are driver education courses targeted for seniors.

Possible Restrictions

Sometimes a driver, elder or otherwise, may be allowed to drive with a restriction on their license. A common restriction is that the driver have proper corrective eyewear when driving. Other restrictions limit the driver to:

  • Driving only during the day and not at rush hour
  • Non-freeway driving or driving in a specific geographic area
  • Having to use certain mechanical devices such as another side mirror
  • Having to have to use extra support to make sure the driver is in the right driving position

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