Permanent and Total Disability in Virginia Workers’ Compensation Cases

Permanent and Total Disability means a loss to both hands, both arms, both feet, both eyes, or a combination of two of these body parts. Additional medical problems that can enable a claimant to qualify for total disability include paralysis and brain injury. Medical evidence will be required to show your injury meets the full requirements. In these types of cases, it’s advisable to have a lawyer make sure the medical reports and evidence are prepared properly because so much money is at stake.

Normally, your lost wages (2/3 limit) are capped at 500 weeks. For partial permanent injuries there are additional caps. For permanent and total disability, there is no cap. You are entitled to 2/3 of your wages for your lifetime. If you have sustained a permanent injury to any two ratable body parts, and your doctors have given you permanent work restrictions, you may qualify for permanent and total disability, which may put you in position to engage in a very substantial settlement of your claim.

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