Remember These Simple Driving Safety Tips

The next time you get behind the wheel and you are cruising around the Virginia Beach area or looking for a place to grab a bite to eat in Norfolk, make sure that you keep your mind on the road, and keep in mind the following tips too. They will help you stay safer while you are on the road.

  • Never drive under the influence – this includes alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription and over the counter drugs that tell you driving while on them is a bad idea
  • Keep the speed down – the beach is still going to be there ten minutes from now
  • Avoid distractions – phone calls and texts can wait, so keep your eyes and your focus on the road
  • Don’t drive tired – people who drive while they are tired account for about 20% of accidents on the road, according to a study coming from Virginia Tech
  • Take care in bad weather – when the weather makes it hard to drive and when the roads are slick, drive slower and be more cautious than ever
  • Watch others – while you can control your behavior on the road, you cannot control others. Watch them and stay aware of what they are doing around you

These tips should help to keep you accident free. If you’ve been in an accident in Hampton Roads though, it’s time to visit to see what your next steps should be.