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Requirements for a Workers’ Comp Claim

North Carolina has certain requirements for filing a workers’ compensation claim and if those requirements are not met, it could negatively impact your chances at receiving benefits. This can lead to delays in the claims process. Your claim could also be denied leaving you with an injury that you cannot handle on your own.

Details of the accident are one of the most important aspects of filing a claim, which can give you the best possibility of receiving all of the benefits you deserve. Remember, the way you describe the accident can make or break your case.

Immediately after your workplace accident, you should tell your supervisor in person and also provide a written statement regarding the details of the accident. Keep a copy for yourself. The key word here is “details” which is not only important for your case but to the insurers as well, as they will attempt to use this information against you especially if there are errors or inconsistencies.

North Carolina requires that your injury be caused by an “accident” and not just during the regular course of your work routine, unless your work routine was changed unexpectedly which led to the accident. Some examples of qualifying “accidents” under North Carolina law and other important requirements are outlined in the free book “The Nine Biggest Myths About North Carolina Workplace Injuries” which is made available by Joe Miller, Esq., a North Carolina workplace injury lawyer with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

How Do I Know if I Meet all of the Requirements?

There are many aspects to filing a workers’ compensation claim, and your story and how it’s told can be a major factor in determining whether you receive benefits or not. Even though you believe that the accident was no fault of your own, if you say or write down the wrong information, it could lead to prolonged delays and/or denial of your claim.

Experience can play a key role in strengthening your case, and you should consult with a professional to gain leverage in order to maximize your benefits. Your attorney can also help you understand what your rights are under state and federal laws. The rights you are entitled to are forms of protection offered by the government, but in order for you to fully exercise those rights you need to follow certain procedures. These procedures are what most injured workers find to be not so user-friendly and can be frustrating and confusing.

If you have been injured at work, you need to understand your rights and Joe Miller, Esq. has been helping injured workers for over 20 years and he can answer your questions, help guide you through the lengthy process, as well as help you organize the details of your accident. For a free consultation, please call Joe Miller, Esq. toll free at 888-694-1671 right away or contact us online.

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