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Responsibility in Multiple Vehicle Car Accidents

State police reported that on August 29, 2013 there was a six-car accident on Interstate 64 near the Albemarle County line in Virginia. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Multi-car accidents (also known as pile-ups) require more work, but a skilled car accident lawyer can still bring a successful lawsuit when people are really hurt. The key to a multi-car accident is determining who is at fault. It is often the case that just one driver was at fault for driving too fast or crossing lanes or violating some Virginia motor vehicle law. The wrongful conduct of the driver then sets off a chain reaction where the other drivers try to avoid the original misconduct.

A classic example is a rear end collision. If cars are waiting in line at a traffic signal, a car that rear ends the vehicle in front of it forces the front automobile to strike the vehicle in front of it – and so on. The police will investigate the cause of the accident. But it may take a good road construction expert, that a skilled auto accident lawyer will use to really figure out who started the chain reaction.

Multi-car accidents can result in multiple lawsuits. Where possible these cases are usually consolidated into one lawsuit.

The defendants in multi-car accidents will try to show that you (if you were involved in the accident) were partially (comparatively) at fault. In North Carolina and Virginia, even if you’re just 1% at fault, your claim will be denied. So it is really important you use a skilled car accident lawyer for North Carolina and Virginia cases to help you win your multi-car accident case.

We recently obtained a verdict in such a case in Norfolk Circuit Court, also on August 29, 2013.  The rear driver claimed that our client was partially at fault and therefore not entitled to recover. Several other vehicles ahead had to stop abruptly. We conducted extensive discovery which all pointed to the rear-most driver as being at fault for the collision. In addition, cross examination of the rear-most driver revealed his claim as to our client’s negligence had no basis whatsoever. Look for more regarding this case from us soon.

How our firm can help

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