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Roadway Construction Accidents in North Carolina

WSOC TV reported recently that the North Carolina Highway Patrol is looking into what steps, including laws, could help protect construction workers who work on the roadways. The inquiry came about because recently, three construction workers were injured (one of whom died) when a driver struck them on I-40 on a lane that was closed. Drivers are supposed to reduce their speed by 10mph when there’s construction work in a 65 mph roadway.

In 2013, there were numerous construction roadway accidents which caused 1700 injured people and 13 deaths. The injured included the workers and the vehicle occupants. Lowering speed limits is one possible remedy. Another remedy is requiring drivers to move over one lane, if one is available, when construction workers are working on roads.

This case also raises concerns over the remedies of the injured construction workers. The two surviving workers would appear to have a claim against the driver. The Estate of the deceased driver will likely have a survival claim and a wrongful death claim. Additionally, the workers and the Estate would also have workers’ compensation claims. Sorting out which insurance carrier pays which bills, especially the medical and wage bills, can be complicated. An experienced personal injury lawyer and workers’ compensation lawyer can help.

Lawyer Joe Miller brings wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits

Accident cases cause a lot of worry. Will you get better? Will your medical bills be paid? Will your wages be reimbursed? Can you get money for all of your pain and suffering? In cases of death, will your family be compensated? What about workers’ compensation? Attorney Joe Miller has been helping accident victims for over 25 years. Contact Joe Miller Law, to make sure your case is properly prepared and skillfully argued. Call (888) 694-1671 today for the help you need.

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