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Slippery Road Conditions Cause Multi-Vehicle Virginia Accident

NBC 29 in Charlottesville, Virginia reported on January 10, 2014, that slippery road conditions caused a multiple car accident on Route 6 and Route 151 in Nelson County, Virginia. The accident, which happened around 6 in the morning, involved five cars, an SUV, and a tractor trailer. Virginia State Police were reviewing the accident. No major injuries were reported.

Slippery Road Conditions and the Problems They Cause for Drivers

Snow, rain, and ice create havoc on the read. They reduce visibility and make it much tougher to control your car. Worse, even if you keep control of your car,  you have no control over other drivers who may not follow your safe driving habits. As a result, the following are unfortunately common in snowy and icy conditions:

  • Rear-End Collisions: Because it’s much harder to stop and because other drivers drive slower in wet weather, rear-end collisions in wet weather are quite common.
  • More Intersection Collisions: Because of the reduced visibility and  difficulty stopping quickly, many cars slide through an intersection. Intersection accidents are much more serious than rear-end collisions because, in most cases, the cars collide at an angle. As such, the driver and passengers don’t have the protection of the hood or the rear of the car.
  • More Swerving Accidents: Because cars have less time to stop, they tend to hit the brakes too hard. This can cause the car to swerve into another lane of traffic.
  • More Accidents Caused by Reduced Visibility: Because rain and snow are coming down, even with a great windshield wiper, it can be tough to see. A failure to see properly will cause accidents.

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