Small Accidents can Result in Large Claims

WNCT reported on December 7, 2013 that a Moore County, N.C. deputy was injured when a Ford Ranger pickup ran through a stop sign and hit the vehicle the deputy was driving. The accident happened about 9:45 pm near Robbins, North Carolina where the Hemp Street Extension and Plank road intersect. The deputy was taken to a hospital, Moore Regional Hospital, in Pinehurst, where he was treated for his injuries and released. The Ford Ranger passengers did not get treatment.

How an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer can Help

This small case is the type that may still need the services of a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney.

The attorney will make sure to review the police report and to have photographs taken of both vehicles. The damage to the vehicles may prove the Ford Ranger driver was responsible. The attorney will also make sure that any and all responsible or potentially responsible parties are identified. North Carolina’s insurance laws will dictate whether the victim can recover compensation and from whom. Most importantly, the attorney will review all the damages, which could be more than you would think for a small accident.

Potential Damages for What Seems Like a Small Case

In this specific case, there are numerous potential damages, including:

  • The cost to fix the vehicle the police officer was driving.
  • Lost wages the officer might have because even minor injuries like whiplash and back injuries can require time to heal – especially for a police officer who has to be in tip-top shape.
  • The medical bills of the police officer. There’s the hospital bill and potentially doctor bills and physical therapy bills to consider.
  • The officer may be entitled to pain and suffering damages because of the accident.
  • The officer may have scars from his injuries.
  • If the injured person is older, even a “minor” impact can have lasting effects that may never heal because the body of an older person is not as flexible as a young person’s.

Joe Miller is an Experienced North Carolina Accident Lawyer

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