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Speeding Causes Accidents in NC and VA

Speed and accidents are directly linked.


According to the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, speeding (going too fast for conditions or in excess of the posted speed limits) is a factor in almost one-third of all fatal crashes. There were 32,367 deaths in the US in 2011, of which, 9,944 were speeding-related. Speeding kills whether it’s a high-speed interstate or a local road.

Speeding  increases your chances of having an accident. Speeding affects your reaction time. The faster you travel, the less time you have to react to an accident.

Speed affects the following factors which, in turn, affect your reaction time:

  • Braking distance. Braking distance changes depending on road conditions, your tire conditions, the incline of the street and your speed. Physics determines that braking distance is proportional to the square of your speed. If you drive twice as fast, you will need four times as much distance to stop.
  • Control and handling. When you drive faster you are more likely to lose control of your vehicle. It’s tougher to read all the changes in the traffic, the width of the roads, and the distance of your car from other cars. Every aspect of driving becomes harder to control when you drive faster. Your car becomes more likely to leave its lane or even turn over.
  • Inertia. Inertia means anything in motion stays in motion. Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its motion. An object traveling at any speed requires a certain amount of inertia in relation to it’s speed to make it slow down. Therefore, in regards to a vehicle, traveling at a faster speed means more inertia is needed to stop the vehicle.

Speeding accidents kill, which create the need for wrongful death lawsuits. Speeding accidents can cause serious injuries, allowing drivers and passengers to sue the speeding driver for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

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