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The Key Things to do for Your Loved One in a North Carolina or Virginia Wrongful Death Case

See your lawyerWrongful death cases are very complicated. You need to:

  • Prove there was a death
  • Show that the death was caused by someone’s fault,
  • Identify who the family members are
  • Determine all the damages the family members can claim.

Know the time to bring the lawsuit. In North Carolina and Virginia the time to bring a lawsuit is two years from the date of the accident. The time limit is called a statute of limitations. The time limit issue can be complicated – it’s best to see a lawyer as soon as you can.

Get the death certificate – the death certificate proves the person died and often mentions the cause of death.

Appoint a personal representative. If there is a will, then the will designates the personal representative. If there isn’t a will, then state law controls who can ask to be appointed.

Determine who the survivors are – the normal claimants are the spouse and children. Sometimes claims can be brought by other relatives if there is no spouse and no children.

Investigate the claim – wrongful death cases will be heavily defended because the damage claim can be very large. You need a skilled wrongful death lawyer to help you investigate why the accident happened and what you need to prove to show someone else caused the death.

Determine the damages – the damages include medical bills, lost wages, loss of services and society of the deceased and other items. A skilled wrongful death lawyer will ask for all that the family members are entitled to receive.

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How our firm can help

If you know someone who died through the wrongful act of another, and/or of a company, in North Carolina or Virginia, make sure that you really do contact an attorney. It is easy to do.

When it comes to wrongful death cases in North Carolina and Virginia, make sure you contact Wrongful Death Lawyer Joe Miller at 888-694-1671 to get all of the information that you need. We also suggest you visit our pages relating to wrongful death cases for a full list of helpful hints

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