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The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Claim Form

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has a claim form that will need to be completed if you are looking to file a workers’ compensation claim.

The basic elements of this form include:

  • Worker Identity Information – Name, Address, Phone Numbers
  • Employer Identity Information – Name, Address, Phone Numbers
  • The worker’s gross weekly wages
  • Injury information
    • Body parts affected,
    • How the injury occurred,
    • Where it happened, and
    • When it happened.
  • If the worker is claiming compensation for an occupational disease, the worker should disclose
    • The name of the disease
    • The date the worker last worked for the employer
    • The date a doctor told the worker the disease was work related
  • Additional items the worker can include on the form are:
    • Request for a lifetime award of medical benefits
    • When the worker lost work – the dates
    • When the worker received less pay while working – the dates
    • If there was a loss of use or an amputation of a body party, loss of hearing/vision, lung disease or bodily scarring/disfigurement.
    • Whether the worker has medical bills or transportation expenses that haven’t been paid.
    • Whether death benefits are being requested.

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