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Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

The best way to avoid accidents is to be prepared for one. Most importantly, this means being aware of the fact when there is bad weather (wind, rain, snow, hail, ice and fog) and really bad weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, and electric storms). While there are ways you can safely travel in the first type of bad weather, it’s best to be off the road entirely in the case of really bad weather.

However, if you are going to venture out on the road in bad weather, make sure you keep the following tips in mind to avoid being in a car accident:

  • Drive slowly – You will have less reaction time because of poor visibility and your ability to stop will be altered because of poorer road conditions. Driving slowly also decreases the likelihood of skidding. Plan more time for your tip, and leave more stopping room.
  • Avoid distractions – It’s always important to avoid distractions such as cell phones and playing the radio in good conditions. In bad weather, being distracted can cause serious injuries and wrongful death.
  • Plan – Have the proper equipment for your car. Make sure the wipers, headlights and defrosters (front and rear) fully function. Make sure the tires are properly inflated. Test your brakes. Think about alternate routes that might be shorter, have less hills, or be more practical. Know where the local news station is on your radio so you can get weather reports and traffic advice on where there are accidents so you can avoid tied-up roads.
  • Consider the other driver – It’s not just enough to use your lights so you can see. The other drivers needs to see you as well. Consider using your low beams in fog. Be careful when using the bright lights so as to not blind oncoming drivers.
  • Use your seat belts – Most states require drivers and passengers to use seat belts. Accidents will happen in bad weather. Seat belts can save your life and your passenger’s lives.

Finally, if you find yourself on the road and unable to drive safely, be prepared to pull over to the side of the road until you know you’ll be able to see. Make certain you pull into a spot where you can cleanly get back on the road.

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