Tractor Trailer Spills Beer Near North Carolina / Virginia border

A tractor trailer spill caused Miller Lite beer to flow on Berry Hill Road last month (as reported by the Martinsville Daily). The spill happened in Rockingham County two miles south of the NC/VA border. There were no reports of injuries. The spilled kegs of beer were being loaded by workmen onto pallets. The driver of the 18 wheeler went off the road and the tractor trailer flipped onto its side. The North Carolina Highway Patrol was trying to determine how the accident happened and was applying a solution to the road to sop up the beer.

If the driver of the truck had been hurt, he might have a workers’ compensation claim for lost work and for medical bills. If it could be determined that the driver was intoxicated, then the driver might lose his claim.

This accident is an example of the dangers trucks pose on the road. Due to their size and dimensions trucks tend to flip over or jackknife. Car drivers often get into accidents because cars and trucks have different sight lines. Even if direct personal injury is avoided, the spill of the cargo can cause a secondary accident as drivers try to navigate through the spill. Fortunately, no drivers were caught up in the beer spill. But a slick road could have caused a driver to have difficulty dealing with the sudden wet road or a driver could have been hurt just trying to avoid the spill.

When cargo spills and injuries occur, the victims may sue the driver of the truck. Because the driver of the truck rarely owns the truck he or she is operating, a skilled personal injury lawyer will also determine the owner of the truck and sue the owner.

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