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Truck Equipment Failure

Truck equipment failure can be deadly because trucks are so large and heavy. The sheer physics of any crash between a truck and car means the car driver and car passengers may be seriously hurt. Trucks are often in around-the-clock use and sometimes travel over rough terrain.

Some of the more common types of equipment failures and defects that can cause accidents are:

  • Mirrors that don’t work properly – Truck mirrors are much different than car mirrors. Because of the greater width and length of trucks, the mirrors need to see through more angles. There are more blind sports with trucks if the mirrors don’t work. The mirrors on a truck should be regularly inspected before any truck is allowed on the road.
  • Lights that don’t work properly – The headlights, taillights and sidelights should all work properly so the truck driver can see and so passengers can determine the right size of the truck if they decide to pass the truck.
  • Bad tires – Trucks have more tires than cars. Because of heavy use, the tires and tire-treads wear down more quickly than on cars. Tires should be checked for the proper treads and proper pressures before the truck goes on the road.
  • Faulty brakes – As with cars, brakes should be routinely inspected.
  • Improperly secured loads – Trucks often carry loads. These loads should be properly secured so they don’t spill while the truck is moving.
  • Defective steering and suspension – these parts of the truck should also be inspected and maintained.
  • Conspicuity tape and placards – Federal law requires commercial trucks to have markings that make the outlines of the truck visible at night.

Sometimes the fault (allowing a truck on the road that has bad equipment) is the fault of the driver. It may be the fault of the owner or a maintenance company. It may even be the fault of the truck designer or a part designer. An experienced truck accident lawyer will help you determine what equipment failed, why it failed, and who is responsible for the failure. Many times, these failures can implicate Federal Trucking Regulations that make your case easier to prove.

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