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Two Trucks Collide in Fayetteville Causing Both Drivers to be Hospitalized

According to WRAL, a UPS truck caught fire on I-95 near the NC Highway 24 interchange around Fayetteville, North Carolina. The fire happened when the UPS truck collided with a pickup truck. Both vehicles were traveling in the same lane. The drivers of both trucks were taken to a nearby hospital. The northbound lanes were closed for over four hours. The accident occurred in September of 2014.

When people think of the consequences of accidents, they tend to think of the injuries to the people and to the vehicles. But sometimes collisions can cause other events to happen. A truck that is stricken can spill its cargo causing other vehicles to have to veer out of the way of the cargo or to have an accident with the cargo. Spinning trucks can cause more vehicles to be involved in the accident. Multiple collisions can make it hard to figure out which collision caused which injuries.

As in this case, a vehicle crash can cause a fire which can increase the severity of the injuries or even cause deaths. Some vehicles may even be more likely to have a fire than others because of poor vehicle design. When a defect happens, there may be a right to bring a product liability lawsuit in addition to a truck accident lawsuit. A good personal injury attorney will work to make sure all the right claims are brought.

Attorney Joe Miller handles North Carolina and Virginia truck accidents

Attorney Joe Miller knows truck accident cases. He knows why truck accidents happen, what injuries occur, and how to prove someone else caused the accident. He’ll make sure the right people are held accountable. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries in a truck accident, let attorney Joe Miller help you through this incredibly difficult time. Call Joe Miller Law, today at (888) 694-1671 to learn more about what our team can do to help you.

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