Two Young Men killed in an Early Morning Virginia Crash

Two 22 year-olds were killed on Westham Parkway just north of Pinetree Road, in Richmond, Virginia. According to the Times Dispatch (June 16, 2013) the two were in a speeding vehicle which crashed into a tree on the Westham Parkway meridian. The accident occurred at 2:25 am.

The single-vehicle accident also injured a third person who called the police to come to the scene of the accident. The victims were from New York and Maryland. One of the victims was a student at the University of Richmond.

The victims of the crash will have a claim against the driver of the vehicle and any other responsible parties (the owner of the vehicle, if different from the driver, may be responsible). The deceased victims, through their Estates, will be able to bring a wrongful death claim against the driver and responsible parties also. The Times Dispatch report did not state which person was driving the car.

Though the deceased victims were from New York and Maryland, the lawsuit can be brought in Virginia because that’s where the accident happened. The City of Richmond is, in fact, a very desirable venue to file such a claim.

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